Sampo at the Gothenburg Film Festival

Gothenburg Film Festival logo

Gothenburg Film Festival logo

SampoMedia founders Peter Buckingham and Michael Gubbins will be leading an industry session at this year’s Gothenburg International Film Festival.

The event, on February 2, at the Swedish festival is provocatively titled ‘How to double my revenues…by understanding audiences?

It will consider the ways in which greater understanding and engagement with audience knowledge might unlock new forms of revenue. The session is chaired by consultant, producer and former CEO of the Swedish Film Institute, Bengt Toll.

This session will look very specifically at evidence of consumer demand today or emerging patterns of demand that will allow producers to find new forms of revenue, through extending the reach of products, engaging audiences in new and sustainable ways, or by new forms of cross-media exploitation of intellectual property.

The evidence based argument will come at the revenues issue from two directions: the realities of new forms of production, distribution and IP exploitation – and the evidence that audiences are interested in these new approaches, or willing to pay for them.

While reference will be made to innovative approaches in the US and Asia, the emphasis will be on Europe. Scandinavia itself has some examples to offer but ideas and evidence needs to be focused more widely. International reach is, after all, an essential part of any realistic business model.

At the end of the session, which is very tight, we hope to offer delegates a much clearer and focused sense of direction. Each delegate signing up will have an electronic copy of the presentations to help take the discussion on beyond the festival.

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