UK film audiences – download paper


Cinema First is an organisation dedicated to increasing cinema admissions profitably in the UK. Its main constituents are film distributors, via the Film Distributors Association (FDA) and exhibitors, through the Cinema Exhibitors Association (CEA).

Its most high profile project has been managing the successful two-for-one promotion Orange Wednesdays

Recently Cinema First has been exploring other activities that could help achieve its mission of increasing cinema going. It has been running workshops with the industry to better understand issues facing cinemas as they try to seize the opportunities of the digital age.

Underpinning all discussions has been a strong feeling that there is not enough knowledge of cinema audiences available to organisations – particularly about those people who are light or lapsed cinema goers.

To help direct the discussion and to give pointers to benefit film organisations everywhere, Cinema First asked the highly-respected data and marketing analyser Peter Field to give us the benefit of his wisdom.

His paper has been uploaded here – Cinema First: Cinema Audiences Knowledge Paper. It is not a definitive paper, but it still makes some compelling points for possible audience knowledge strategy.

Cinema first is looking for a wide discussion on the subjects raised, and is actively inviting comments and advice, in particular any research that might have been missed from the list in the document. This is very much an iterative process.

If you have comments, please send comments to Peter Buckingham (Board member Cinema First).

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