SampoMedia at the Berlinale

Berlinale-film-festivalMichael Gubbins will be representing SampoMedia at this year’s Berlinale between February 9 and February 11.

He will be meeting a wide range of people from a variety of international organisations to talk about potential future partnerships.

If you want to catch up with Michael at the festival, just drop him an email.

Berlin is part of a heavy programme of events for the company since its launch in January.

On February 1, Michael and Peter Buckingham will presenting an industry workshop at the Gothenburg Film Festival, which will be centred on how to create audience-centred businesses in film. (To set up a meeting, email us)

On March 7, Michael and Peter will be at the Event Cinema Association networking event in Brussels. The event is focused on how arts and cultural events can make an impact in cinemas around the world.

On April 19, the Film Agency Wales is holding a film summit, which Michael will be chairing. More details to follow.

We will keep you posted on more events over the coming weeks. Check our Twitter and Facebook pages for details.

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