SampoMedia summer update

sampombspicSampoMedia has been busy over the summer months on a series of studies, lectures and events with clients including the British Film Institute, Film4, the Media Business School, Picturehouse Cinemas and Curzon Artificial Eye.

Among the highlights has been work on a British Film Institute (BFI)-supported series of experiments in multi-platform, multimedia and day-and-date releases of films.

They include four features,  A Field In England, A Late Quartet, What Maisie Knew and Borrowed Time, which have been offering fresh insights into the way that audiences consume film.

Studies will be released by the BFI later but in the process of compiling and analysing data, we have looked at market data, exit polls, social media activity and other information, which offers valuable insight into the way that the consumer thinks in an on-demand era.

This wealth of information joins a growing database of valuable knowledge at SampoMedia, which we hope will become a valuable source of business and creative knowledge.

SampoMedia founders Peter Buckingham and Michael Gubbins have been very busy sharing some of those ideas with various government and industry agencies, businesses and institutions.

Peter Buckingham ran the Ronda-based Media Business School’s Marketing & International Distribution(M&ID) course (see picture), bringing together leading industry experts to provide invaluable insights and skills for delegates.

He has also been a speaker and mentor for Film London’s Microwave project.

Michael Gubbins also worked with Film London and at the Media Business School, as a lecturer on both the M&ID and MEGA programmes.

Both have also been advising a number of businesses

He is co-hosting the forthcoming Medici course in Belgium, and the Europa Cinemas conference in Athens in November, and upcoming events include the London Film Festival, Film Festival Ostend and the Event Cinema Association.

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