SampoMedia Insight reports published

imgresTwo reports from SampoMedia on the impact of day-and-date releasing of films have been published by the British Film Institute (BFI).

The reports cover the innovative releases of A Late Quartet and What Maisie Knew, by Curzon Film World in the UK.

In each case, the films were released simultaneously in cinemas and on VOD platforms, testing audience reaction to so-called Premium VOD.

SampoMedia partners Michael Gubbins and Peter Buckingham analysed audience data, performance figures from all platforms and looked at social media reactions.

They also interviewed key executives involved in the releases and, of course, added their own considerable experience of the film distribution and exhibition business.

The resulting reports are among the most detailed surveys of new release models undertaken and they have been made available for free to the industry to share experiences.

Two more SampoMedia reports will be available next month, covering the releases of A Field In England, and Borrowed Time.

Gubbins said that working on the reports offered real insight into the real nature of demand for new ways to access content.

“This is still an emerging area of business practice but one that is clearly quickly going to become part of the film landscape. We hope the reports make a contribution to the understanding of an issue that will have implications for the whole film value chain.”



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