SampoMedia completes 25 country tour


SampoMedia has spent the last few months on assignments around the world and has just passed a landmark with work now completed in  25 countries.

Less than two years since the business was founded, the company has established an international reputation for in-depth research and analysis; first-class expert reports; training; event organisation and chairing; and business consultation.

During our travels, it has been fascinating to see the emergence of new consumer media habits and the effect on existing business models in a range of places, from Bogota to Berlin, Montreal to Madrid and London to Ljubljana.

Over the next month, we will be stopping to share some of the insights and ideas gained during our recent work in a series of articles here at

We hope the reports will provide some interesting thinking on the realities of the changing audiovisual environment.

And in the new year, we will be announcing a number of new initiatives that we hope will help make a significant contribution to success in the emerging on-demand environment and experience economy.

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