Think Tank debates funding innovation

UnknownPower to the Pixel‘s annual London Think Tank report, written by SampoMedia co-founder Michael Gubbins, is now available as a free download.

The 2014 Think Tank, held at the Quebec Government Office in London’s Pall Mall, was aimed at international public and private funders with responsibility for creative and cultural spending, and explored how far such organisations are able to support innovative work suited to the emerging demand-driven digital economy.

The fascinating day, led by Paul Tyler, the Copenhagen-based founder of consultancy Handling Ideas, smartly encouraged participants to consider practical outcomes that could be achieved within the framework of existing mission statements of different funding bodies, rather than debating the challenges to organisational goals.

The discussions were revealing, demonstrating that some of the supposed constitutional blockages to support for innovation were really down to established practices of the traditional value chain, protectionism, and institutional myth.

When asked to focus on practical outcomes in the light of changing audience demand and the evolving digital environment, the conclusions of the discussion opened up new, potentially rich opportunities.

They included an international innovation fund, an a cross-border, cross-media data resource, for example.

Gubbins provided the Think Tank with an analysis of the underlying practices that had driven some of the groundbreaking projects featured in the 2014 Pixel London Forum at the BFI London Film Festival.

Both of the SampoMedia co-founders, Michael Gubbins and Peter Buckingham, are on the advisory board of Power to the Pixel, which was founded nearly a decade ago by Liz Rosenthal.

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