Digimart 2006 Sampo|Media has considerable experience in writing and delivering speeches and presentations.

Presenting coherent speeches and public speaking in general is often an area where people and businesses lack confidence and expertise.

But in today’s environment, such skills have become more important, with YouTube video reaching taking even small presentations to a wider audience, and with Tweets and Facebook posts offering instant verdicts.

Sampo|Media can help:

  • Devise effective presentations
  • Help write memorable and effective speeches
  • Devise and write full, bespoke presentations for businesses and organisations
  • Support presentations with relevant data
  • Coach individuals and groups on pitching and presenting
  • Extend the impact of presentations using social media

Michael Gubbins has more than 20 years experience in chairing, moderating, speaking and speech writing. He has been a keynote speaker at conferences, business and government summits, Think Tanks, film festivals and awards ceremonies, and is recognised as an expert chair, moderator and on-stage interviewer. Events have included: film festivals, including Cannes, Berlin, Rotterdam and London; European Think Tanks in Copenhagen and Barcelona; seven Europa Cinemas’ conferences in Paris, Budapest, Warsaw and Bucharest; ¬†lecturing at Media Business School in Ronda; Competencies in Culture, Warsaw; Media Literacy conference in Brussels; Europa distribution conferences in Paris, Estoril and Lyon, digital music conferences in Cannes and London; the London Screenwriters Conference; the World Conference of Screenwriters in Athens…

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