stock-footage-a-particular-of-hands-that-type-on-a-computer-keyboard-palSampoMedia has worked on influential special reports covering a wide range of issues in film, media and creative businesses.

These reports have been commissioned by businesses, public bodies, governments and academic, arts and industrial institutions.

Michael Gubbins and Peter Buckingham both have long experience in producing in-depth reports, covering a wide range of creative business and media topics.

Gubbins has been a journalist for more than 25 years, including more than a decade as editor of leading industry and business magazines, including Screen International and Music Week. That experience has helped deliver a series of business reports for international businesses and bodies that combine depth of content with readability.

He has been commissioned to write reports for bodies including CineRegio, NESTA, British Film Institute, UK Film Council, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Swedish Film Institute, European Think Tank, BAFTA, Olsberg SPI and the Danish Film Institute.

The reports cover many areas of business, including all aspects of film development, finance, distribution and exhibition; television and music; publishing in a digital age; and media literacy. His Digital Revolution reports, commissioned by European funding body CineRegio (available as a free download), have been particularly influential.

As head of distribution, exhibition and digital innovation, Buckingham commissioned reports into critical areas of policy and industrial practice with a particular focus on digital change, business innovation and audience demand.

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