librarySampo|Media has been built on the idea that it is possible to have a far greater understanding of demand in a digital age. We also have long experience of analysing data to find the market realities that everyone must understand.

Research and analysis is at the core of the Sampo|Media thinking and we will:

  • Study, research and analyse data and studies from around the world about emerging patterns of demand and audience behaviour generally.
  • Carry out specific research with partners into areas where data is weak or non-existent
  • Build a powerful database of international audience knowledge, which will inform our work in every area of the business
  • Create tools that will give businesses, creative organisations and policy-makers access to our resources

We will ensure that the best available data will underpin each of the services we provide, from reports, workshops and project consultancy.

All Sampo|Mediaservices are knowledge-based, dependent on the quality and integrity of its research, data and analysis. The company will use partner organisations to ensure that its work is consistently kept up to date and relevant.

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