One of the main problems for creative businesses in a digital age is trying to plan the future while struggling with the day-to-day challenges posed by a rapidly changing economic environment.

Digital technologies, social media, and the new patterns of consumer demand that they have engendered, have put pressure on existing models.

The balance between protecting declining, but at least tangible, revenues has been tended to lead to defensiveness, with little time for thinking.

Sampo|Media believes that space for thought is never more necessary than now. But we also believe that Think Tanks should not slip into abstract futurism, and still less become cheerleaders for digital or transmedia ‘movements.’

Instead, our approach to Think Tanks is based as far as possible on evidence, market realities and, most of all, on provable value.

Sampo|Media Think Tanks then will bring together the best available evidence, allowing users to test their creative ideas with the greatest possible understanding of the environment in which they must operate.

Our Think Tanks will bring together evidence and data from a wide range of sources. Where relevant or required, we will undertake bespoke original research ourselves or with specialist partners.

We can invite great and original thinkers from a wide range of contacts, and will use our own Sampo|Media video interviews with leading experts geared to offer insight into their work and relationship with audiences.

We will look at case studies, offering insight and analysis into what works (or doesn’t) and why, rather than becoming a platform for speakers to market their product, or indulge in selective presentation of results.

The Sampo|Media Think Tanks then come down to a simple but compelling goal – turning real knowledge into business value or cultural impact.

Both Michael Gubbins and Peter Buckingham have extensive experience of Think Tanks, working with bodies, including European Think Tank, Power to the Pixel, NESTA, xxx

They have also been involved in cutting-edge conferences with bodies such as xxxx



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