PRESS RELEASE: January 11 2013

SampoMedia: launch of new international film and media partnership connecting creativity with audiences

International partnership SampoMedia, launched today in London, is aiming to help creative individuals, businesses and policy-makers in film, media and entertainment reach and engage with audiences in a changed digital environment.

The organisation is led by two well-known figures in the global film and media community with extensive experience of international creative business markets.

Peter Buckingham is the former head of distribution and exhibition at the UK Film Council and British Film Institute.

He led some of the highest profile initiatives in UK film, including the Digital Screen Network, the world’s first digital cinema network, and Find Any Film, a website helping consumers discover legitimate access to movies.

Michael Gubbins is the former editor of Screen International, Music Week and business technology magazine Computing and is the current chair of the Film Agency for Wales, and an analyst and consultant, writing influential reports for European and UK bodies on digital change and changing audience demand.

Both are frequent speakers and chairs at conferences, think tanks and creative business, arts and media events around the world.

SampoMedia will be focused on understanding patterns of demand and consumer behaviour through the generation and analysis of data. Its aim is to help those with creative ideas to gain a much clearer idea of their potential reach and of the business models and practices that can help them generate demand.

The emphasis will be on tangible data and objective analysis with its website becoming an important repository of audience intelligence.

SampoMedia will offer a range of services, including: project consultancy, workshops and think tanks, business consultancy and business model evaluation, bespoke research and in-depth reports. Its innovation services willexperiment with, and evaluate new business models that will be essential to a changing on-demand digital environment.

SampoMedia is also currently planning a series of online tools that will allow the audience to intuitively access consumer knowledge.

“Everyone talks about the need to understand audiences in all creative businesses but it tends to be a weak link. We believe that there needs to be a more systematic approach with a far wider scope,” said Buckingham.

“Digital technologies and social media have dramatically increased access to intelligence about the way that audiences are thinking and acting and we will be using the latest techniques to effectively map audiences. What will be unique about the SampoMedia approach is our analysis, drawing on ideas and research from the widest sources.”

Gubbins said that understanding how audiences engaged with creative work was essential to ensuring that ideas continued to be challenging and exciting.

“We will be working with people, businesses and organisations who are not interested, and know there is limited value, in trying to find a lowest common denominator from consumer knowledge. We want to help people find ways to realise creative visions and commercial and cultural goals through engaging with audiences they know and understand and with whom they can build a lasting relationship.”

He said the breadth of knowledge and analysis that SampoMedia will offer would be beyond the resources of most creative businesses in film, media and other arts and entertainment sectors. “We are committed to understanding and analysing demand and offering that knowledge back as cost-effective services of considerable value.”

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